Specialist Jobs Portal’s Mission to Shake Up the World of Military Recruitment

A specialist jobs platform has set its sights on shaking up the world of military recruitment by developing a new, innovative website to connect ex-forces personnel directly with businesses.

JobOppO enables all jobseekers who have served in the military – no matter how long ago – to apply for positions offered by employers looking for their sought-after skills.

The service removes the need for them to go through an intermediary, positioning it as a unique closed community in the employment marketplace.

KFC, Britvic and Iceland are among the global brands already signed up to work with JobOppO, with other household names being onboarded.

Kayam Iqbal, JobOppO founder, said: “Not only do we support those transitioning or recently left the military, but the big difference is that JobOppO helps ALL of those who have served irrespective of when they have left the military.

“We feel and as do many organisations that military personnel maintain and have a uniqueness when it comes to employment and that is their drive, passion and determination.

“The values we maintain and hold are what companies are looking for and it is something that is imprinted into your DNA by the military that we maintain through our life.”

Kayam faced his own struggles when returning to civilian life when he was medically discharged from the RAF with PTSD after working covertly with specialist units in Iraq and Afghanistan.

He continued: “There should not be just one avenue for those leaving the services or recently left such as the MoD’s Career Transition Partnership, but other dedicated companies such as JobOppO.

“We are shaking up the world of military recruitment and dedicated job boards with over 10 years of experience, having helped thousands of ex-military personnel and with over 30,000 registered users and thousands of dedicated jobs.”