Spencer Matthews takes bite out of MunchFit as it seeks to raise £1.1m in crowdfunding round


MunchFit, healthy food provider to luxury gym Equinox and elite studio Barry’s Bootcamp hopes to raise £1.1m through a crowdfunding round which launches tomorrow.

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London-based MunchFit – which was founded by Angus Fay in 2013 – operates a retail offering, fitness cafés and a meal plans service that allows people to order up to four meals a day, six days a week.

Helping to accelerate training results by taking the guesswork out of what to eat, the upmarket goal-based meals brand is looking for “Fitvestors” to take the business to the next level.

One of the “Fitvestors” is entrepreneur and angel investor Spencer Matthews, who used the Fuel Lean Meal Plan to help him achieve his impressive Weight Loss Transformation for Men’s Health. Matthews took delivery of four meals from the Lean plan, three days a week.

“Like many of us, I appreciate what healthy eating looks like, but simply avoiding junk food wasn’t going to cut it for the challenge ahead,” observed Matthews.

The premium delivery service, which prepares its meals in London-based kitchens, has placed £710k of shares with institutional investors and wealthy individuals and is now seeking to raise a maximum of £1.1m in equity crowdfunding through Crowdcube.

Angus Fay, CEO and Founder, said MunchFit was looking for new shareholders for the fitness food brand, who would receive different perks based on their level of investment – from complimentary merchandise and meals, up to a body transformation where they can emulate Spencer Matthews’ success.

He said: “Most of us have aspirations to be healthy, but lack of time is often the biggest obstacle to achieving our goals: scratch cooking healthy meals goes out the window in favour of grabbing something on-the-go. This means that no matter how hard we work out, if our diet isn’t balanced, we won’t get the results we want to see. Post-pandemic, there is an increasing appetite for high quality, health-conscious products – and we’re confident that MunchFit can deliver more than healthy returns.”

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