Staffordshire craft beer brand announces £3.5m expansion plans

Freedom Brewery

Staffordshire-based Freedom Brewery has raised £3.5m as it plans for expansion of its craft beer business.

Freedom Brewery was founded in 1995 with fundraising for the brewery led by private equity firm Oakfield Capital.

Newly appointed marketing manager Tim Giles will oversee the drive in the brand’s sales and marketing campaigns. In addition, the brewery will be hiring a number of brand ambassadors to ensure that all on-trade customers are fully trained in the brand’s key messaging and values.

Freedom Brewery marketing manager Tim Giles said: “We believe that it is extremely important for both our staff members and the on-trade who are selling our product to be knowledgeable about our brand.

“Brand ambassadors will help to develop confidence, awareness and enthusiasm for the brand as well as ensure that our messaging is passed on to the people who drink our products, allowing them to understand our ethos and key credentials such as heritage and sustainability.”

Freedom Brewery managing director Matthew Willson added: “We continue to make exciting choices for the brewery and the brand and we are constantly evolving to meet the increasing demand for our premium craft beers.

“We are seeing considerable growth in high-quality on-trade outlets in both London and nationwide. This further investment will enable our new senior sales and marketing team to enhance Freedom’s positioning in the premium craft beer market.”