Stellar Labs acquires Onsophic’s data-driven learning technology

Stellar Labs, evangelist for effective learning fuelled by neuroscience, has acquired Onsophic’s data-driven learning technology.

This follows a successful funding round earlier in the year, which saw Stellar Labs raise £1.5m to accelerate brain-friendly learning methods.

The gap between existing and needed skills is widening fast. We are heading for a labour market shortage of 85 million skilled workers by 2030. The global corporate training market is worth € 320 billion, but currently only 25% of training improves business performance. Stellar Labs is aiming to reverse this trend by combining effective, evidence-based learning techniques with technology and data to deliver measurable returns on investment.

Stellar Labs has acquired a learning technology platform as it aims to develop to its specific requirements. The Onsophic platform was developed by Silicon Valley veterans, Ian Hart and Tom Pennings and their team. The tool is fully API compatible and integrates with regular work-based tools such as Teams, G-suite, Workplace and Slack.

The robust data engine measures and analyses individual learning data to provide employees with personalised learning and enables managers to track progress and support the learning process. It equally provides data for Learning & Development teams to analyse and demonstrate return on investment to management and the board.

Raf Seymus, CEO of Stellar Labs, says “We are experts in applying neuroscience, cognitive and social sciences to motivate employees to learn and ensure they transfer new knowledge and skills into the workplace. Combining our research with the University of Antwerp on the most valuable data to support the learning process with the investment in our own data-driven technology, we now have the final piece of the organisational learning jigsaw.”

Stellar Labs recently researched market needs with their clients and C-level executives across 30 companies in 9 countries and 14 industry sectors, like Atlas Copco, AstraZeneca, ASML, BP, Shell, Novartis and Louis Vuitton.

It revealed a common desire to become learning-centric organisations, able to adapt to continuous change, but they also were facing similar challenges. There is a brain drain as experts retire or move to different companies and their knowledge or skills are lost.

Whilst organisations expect employees to take responsibility for their own learning, there are few L&D teams, and even fewer employees, who actually know how to do that. One Chief Learning Officer said: “We have multiple platforms but people often don’t know where to look or what to do with all the information.”

“We’ve know that employees with agile learning skills, combined with the opportunity to track, measure and support their progress, accelerate their performance.” says Stella Collins, Chief Learning Officer at Stellar Labs.

“We also know that when subject matter experts understand how people learn, they share their knowledge effectively and regularly, creating a virtuous circle. Streamlining, measuring and then optimizing that virtuous circle is the aim of our new product. Think of it as the Duolingo for training skills and behaviours”.

Stellar Labs already works for renowned organizations like Novartis, ASML, Deloitte, Seasalt and Bridgestone and has also sold 3 pilot programs. Stellar Labs is preparing a second funding round to accelerate getting the product to market.

“We’re actively looking for innovators who want to collaborate on pilot projects” says Raf Seymus.“ The best tool in the world is only valuable when it solves real problems for real people, so we are looking for clients with a similar vision, to shape the product for themselves, for their people and for the future.”