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Steven Bartlett’s Flight Story launches online tool to enhance marketing strategy

Flight Deck dashboard.

Flight Story, the marketing consultancy co-founded by Steven Bartlett and Oliver Yonchev (former MD of Social Chain), has announced the launch of Flight Deck – a tool that looks at online factors to find out what is influencing investors and ultimately impacting stocks and crypto price action.

Online conversation is moving financial markets. In 2020, the Reddit forum WallStreetBets drove a meteoric rise in the GameStop stock price, forcing halts on trading and causing hedge funds to lose a colossal eight billion dollars (£6.7bn).

It is evident that now, more than ever, investors are turning to the likes of Twitter and Reddit to explore the impact that social conversation has on public companies. Flight Deck aims to demystify the relationship between this online conversation and market activity so companies can make better-informed decisions.

    With countless online mentions, social media accounts and forums, it’s near impossible for public companies to have a true understanding of the online conversation impacting their company value. Flight Deck will feed tens of millions of data points into an algorithm to work out their true impact into clear insights.

    Features include:

    • Source identification: Companies can identify opinion leaders, news sources, social authors, and ‘loudest’ publications that are driving company mentions.
    • Sentiment audit: Spot trending terms, hashtags and keywords associated with your company.
    • Share of voice benchmarking: Measure mentions, engagement and earned media value vs competitors.
    • Audience targeting: Build target audiences based on the following of influential voices that mention companies frequently.
    • Social conversation score: Companies can track online mentions against publicly available information on stock trading volume.

    Oliver Yonchev, CEO and Co-Founder of Flight Story said: “Social media is well and truly driving the market. Over the past year, we’ve seen how a single Tweet can both plummet or skyrocket a company’s stock.

    “However, social media conversation moves so rapidly it can be challenging for brands to stay at the forefront. This is where Flight Deck comes in.

    “We’ve worked tirelessly to build a world-class platform that picks up on these high-impact incremental mentions so that brands are better positioned to create compelling content, spark investor interest and make better decisions.”

    Steven Bartlett, Co-Founder of Flight Story commented: “Flight Story is aiming to modernise investor relations and develop a unique communication solution. The link between online activity and capital markets has never been closer and being able to quantify our services with Flight Deck is going to be revolutionary to public companies.”