Sync celebrates 30 year anniversary

Formed in 1992 out of GBM Digital Technologies, Sync can trace its roots back to the tech iron age – when newspapers were printed out of custom metal blocks and etched individually each day.

Sync was founded as part of the North’s newspaper printing industry, before transforming into a creative advertising sector and then turning into a company that provides IT equipment, training, systems and repairs across the business, education and consumer sectors.

Sync is dedicated to aiding organisations around the UK with the support of Global Tech powerhouses to offer organisations up-to-date tech support. And as a provider of Apple products for schools and businesses, the company builds bespoke hardware systems that perfectly suit customers’ specific needs.

In September 2020, Sync partnered with Oasis Community Learning Trust to deliver more than 37,000 iPads to students and teachers to help make online learning accessible.

To celebrate reaching its 30th birthday, Sync has shared more about the company’s history, its role in the evolution of business and education in the North West, and how technology has developed dramatically in just a few short years.

Sync was once a news printing company when the processes to produce print were lengthy, took highly skilled individuals and was inaccessible.

Keith Ransome, who has been with Sync since it started its transition to digital technologies in 1992 and is now their Business Development Manager, commented: “Apple produced the first Mac in 1984, and GBM Group got some of the first Apple technology to play around with. Then out of that we were asked to help agencies and magazines to set up the tech, and that’s what really started Sync as a whole.”

“People have come a long way in a relatively short period of about 30 years. We have seen a massive revolution in the way we do things.

“You’ll see developments in the virtual office, people being able to work from anywhere. We’ll be very much involved in those developments – helping people and companies fluidly set up offices remotely” Ransom concluded.

Chris Costello, the CEO of Sync, added: “This birthday is not just about looking back but looking to the future too. We have a hugely talented group of people, loyal clients, trusted partners and a commitment to make a difference. It’s a strong foundation for the next 30 years.

“Whilst the technology and deployment practices have updated through the years, our mission statement has continued to stay the same: delivering customer-centric solutions via a consultancy-lead approach.”