Bristol based funding platform gets United Nations boost

Oliver Mochizuki and Derek Ahmedzai-Fundsurfer

Oliver Mochizuki and Derek Ahmedzai-Fundsurfer

The Diplomatic Council (DC), a United Nation accredited global think tank, has chosen the British funding platform Fundsurfer, as a strategic partner for its new DC Global Funding Program.

Fundsurfer´s CEO and co-founder Oliver Mochizuki has been named Chairman of the global investment program run by the Diplomatic Council.

Using a bespoke crowdfunding platform built by Fundsurfer, the Diplomatic Council’s 5,000 plus members and partners can raise the first 25% of funding they need for commercial and humanitarian projects they are involved in across the globe.

The next 25% and subsequent 50% will then be match-funded by international Government & corporate investment partners.

With several internationally significant projects already lined-up to launch on the platform when it goes live this week, the Funding team are keen to hear from Government, corporate and other investment vehicles that might be interested in becoming match-funding partners.

Oliver Mochizuki explains; “Often, it can be hard, particularly for larger global investors and Government departments to find a steady stream of ‘grassroots’ projects that need funding. There’s also the challenge of qualifying potential investments against pre-determined criteria.

“The new Diplomatic Council Global Funding Program aims to bridge this gap and provides funding opportunities in line with sector, location and type of funding required.”