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Tech firm sets ambitious precedent to achieve a UK first

The Cloud Heroes team

The Cloud Heroes team

A Wiltshire tech company has set an ambitious precedent to become one of the first companies in the UK to offer free web encryption in the form of SSL certificates to all of its hosting customers in a bid to make the web more secure.

Recognising the growing need for online transactions and browsing to remain private, Cloud Heroes have released an updated cyber security policy.

The company strongly believes it will help its customers strengthen their cyber security measures and, in turn, protect their own customers against prying eyes online.

“It’s an ambitious policy,” Director Andy Grant says, “but it will have an enormous effect on our customers, and it means smaller businesses can protect their customers online without compromising limited IT budgets. We want the web to be a safe place for banking, shopping and browsing alike, regardless of resources.”

The Trowbridge-based company has already started rolling out its new policy and hopes that in the coming months all of its new and existing hosting customers will have been offered a free SSL certificate for their sites.

Cyber security isn’t a new commitment. As Andy Grant points out: “We believe it’s part of our responsibility as a cloud and hosting provider to give UK businesses the tools they need to prevent malicious attacks when they use our services.

“Of course, we have strict security measures in place for our internal systems and data centres, but there’s only so much we can do from our end.”