Tesla’s stock ROI is five times higher than average returns of top-five competitor

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Data gathered by Learnbonds that the Tesla Return of Investment (ROI) between July 2016 and July 2020 stands at 519.73%. The ROI is at least five times higher than its closest competitors.

The research focused on the ROI of Ford Motors (F), General Motors (GM), Honda Motor Company (HMC), Navistar (NAV), and Oshkosh (OSK). These vehicle manufacturers have an average combined ROI of 104.26%.

Between 2016 and July this year, Navistar had the second-highest returns at 131.89% followed by Oshkosh at 45.91%. The ROI of Honda Motor was -4.16% followed by General Motors’s -15.91%. During this period, Ford Motors had the worst returns at -53.48%.

The research data acknowledges that Tesla’s rising stock price is due to the company’s business model and revolutionary products. According to the research report: “Although Tesla’s stocks might still soar due to its competitive advantage, it is not clear how long the company will hold its position. Competitors will scale up their operations while taking advantage of any Tesla production mishaps. These factors might eventually contribute to Tesla’s stock decline.”

An overview of the data shows that Tesla’s stock price has been dominating reaching its highest point in July 2020 at $1,365.88, a growth of 485.96% from a similar period last year. The lowest stock price was in July 2016 at $220.4.

Navistar’s stock was in 2018 at $43.09. This year the stock dropped by 16.92% to $27.92 from last year’s $33.61. Elsewhere, Okshash’s highest stock price was attained last year at $86.09 before dropping by 17.52% to this year’s $71.

Honda Motors’ stock has remained fairly constant with the highest value being recorded in 2017 at 27.63%. General Motors stock declined by 36.39% between 2019 and this year. The highest stock was last year at 39.21%.

Lastly, Ford Motors has been the worst-performing stocks with a drop of 41.94% between 2019 and this year. The highest stock was registered in 2016 at 13.09%.

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