That sucks: McDonald’s disliked ‘eco-friendly’ straws cannot be recycled


McDonald’s much-maligned ‘eco-friendly’ straws that were introduced last year cannot be recycled.

The global fast-food giant made the change in order to be more green and increase the amount of recycling compared to landfill waste.

What makes the announcement even worse for the US firm, is that the original plastic straws were recyclable.

McDonald’s revealed that the materials are recyclable, however, their thickness makes it difficult for them to be processed with their current recycling partner.

The straws themselves have not proven popular with customers, with many criticising how easily they fell apart when put in their drink. And those who ordered milkshakes complained that they were unable to finish their drink as it dissolved into the cup.

McDonald’s are now looking into resolving the issue, and in the meantime, the straws are being put in general waste.