Thatcham Research unveils ‘EV Ready’ Training Programme


Thatcham Research is supporting the pressing need for automotive businesses and their employees to learn how to handle Electric Vehicles safely and effectively by unveiling a new ‘EV Ready’ Training Programme.

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The UK Government’s decision to bring forward its ban on sales of new petrol and diesel cars to 2030, has increased consumer demand for zero-emissions vehicles. As the dynamic of the car parc continues to shift, businesses must act now to ensure they have the specialist EV skills and knowledge to handle these technically-advanced vehicles.

The ‘EV Ready’ Training Programme is essential to the future success of vehicle repairers, insurance companies and claims management organisations, as well as businesses operating in the fleet, salvage, recovery and vehicle auction sectors.

“New EV registrations are rising sharply. Adoption will only continue to increase, so it’s imperative that businesses know how to interact with these vehicles safely and efficiently,” Dean Lander, Thatcham Research’s Head of Repair Sector Services, said.

“It’s about knowing how to identify the technology, and being familiar with working voltages and equipment, vehicle design, components and repair, as well as understanding the health and safety requirements.

“Our EV Ready Training Programme provides tailored learning to all employees. The objective is to boost understanding at every stage in the customer journey and ensure that everyone who encounters an EV has the correct knowledge to do their job safely.”

Training is delivered via a blended learning model that combines e-learning and face-to-face training. This versatile model was instrumental in helping Automotive Academy learners to continue their vital education during the pandemic.

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