The 10 best European countries for an EV road trip

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Travel restrictions remain incredibly turbulent through 2021. As Brits remain hesitant to book flights, an EV road trip may be a more reliable solution for holidaymakers this year.

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To help, Select Car Leasing have analysed public charging point data to uncover the best European countries for an EV road trip.

By comparing the total number of public charging points to the kilometres of highway in 33 countries, Select Car Leasing revealed which countries have the most regular occurrence of charging points.

Netherlands Is The Best Country In Europe For An EV Road Trip

European Country Number of Public Charging Points Kilometres of Highway Occurrence of Public Charging Point (km) EVs Per Charging Point
Netherlands 66,664 139,295 2.1 4
Luxembourg 1,051 2,899 2.8 8
Switzerland 7,834 71,454 9.1 11
UK 33,470 422,100 12.6 13
Germany 44,538 644,480 14.5 13
Belgium 8,481 154,012 18.2 13
Finland 3,728 78,162 21 15
France 46,045 1,028,446 22.3 9
Denmark 3,254 74,558 22.9 18
Austria 8,071 200,000 24.8 7

Netherlands has just 4 EVs per charging point

With sights like Kasteel de Haar, Amsterdam and Kinderdijk Windmills, the Netherlands would make the perfect destination for an EV road trip.

The Netherlands boasts a rate of 1 public charging point every 2.1 kilometres, making it the best country in Europe for an EV road trip. It’s abundance of public charging points means it also has one of the lowest rates of electric motors per public charging point. With 4 EVs per charging point, it’s likely there’s high availability for any EV drivers, tourists or residents.

Small country Luxembourg has the 2nd most common charging points

Coming in a close 2nd place to the Netherlands is Luxembourg, with a public charging point every 2.8km.

Despite being one of the smallest countries worldwide, Luxembourg are doing everything they can to adapt to encourage electric vehicle ownership in the country. EV drivers benefit from a high availability of charging points to receiving a £4300 grant towards an electric vehicle.

Switzerland voted 8th place for European country encouraging EV adoption

If you’re tempted by The Furka Pass and the promise of a charging point every 9.1 kilometres, then Switzerland is the best choice for an EV road trip.

Not only is it third on Select Car Leasing’s best countries for an EV road trip, it also came 8th in their index revealing which European Governments are encouraging EV adoption the most.

Switzerland has just 11 EVs for every charging point in the country. The decent living wages it offers residents means there’s a higher abundance of EV purchases being made in the country and overall is welcoming electric vehicles with open arms.

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