Video: must know investor tips from Alpesh Patel OBE – the investment authority

There’s a new President on the other side of the pond and there are constant reports of the vaccines that are going to help us shed the COVID nightmare for good. We’re honoured to be joined by Alpesh Patel OBE who will impart his expertise and give hints into the companies you should be investing in.

Having recently penned an insightful look into the companies that stand out in the US, Alpesh joins us for a deeper look into the trends that he is seeing and companies you should look to be investing in. Being an asset manager, but previously a columnist on investing for the Financial Times and presenter for Bloomberg TV, Alpesh has solidified his reputation as an authority on all things investing.

A special thanks to Peer Networks from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy for bringing us this event.

Watch the interview with Alpesh Patel OBE here

Here’s a breakdown of what we discussed in the interview:

  • It’s been a strange year, to say the least, how have your found things in your world? (1:01)
  • To start off, when investing how do you decide which public stocks to invest in? (2:02)
  • Following the news about the Vaccine and Biden election, what impact did you see on the markets? (3:53)
  • The markets are driven by the news – Biden election, vaccine etc – but can it be dangerous to gamble around news? (5:59)
  • Can you give some insight and tips about what companies or sectors our viewers should be looking towards now? (7:46)
  • What investing errors do you think business leaders make when it comes to their own businesses? (11:51)
  • If somebody is watching this but isn’t experienced at investing – what are the key tips you can give them? (13:53)
  • On the topic of Brexit, you’ve written an article with the now Home Secretary, Priti Patel. What’s your view on the impact this will have on investment into the UK? (15:48)
  • Final word from Alpesh (17:51)

Alpesh Patel OBE, Private Equity Fund manager, Dealmaker for the Department for International Trade’s Global Entrepreneur Programme, former FT columnist and with his own show on Bloomberg on investing, is a global authority on investing having written 18 books translated into 5 languages and set up the hedge fund back in 2005. You can get a free copy of his book Investing Unplugged from His fintech shows people how to invest and how to trade.

If you’d like a free course on how to invest – He’s also a former Visiting Fellow in Business at Oxford University and trained Barrister. In 2020 he received an OBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list for services to the Economy. If you’re interested in learning more about markets and companies to invest in, please contact Alpesh’s team here.

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