The countries in the world with the most female billionaires

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billion found that the United States has the most female billionaires with 85 in total. The collective net worth of these 85 female billionaires is an astonishing $555.9bn.

Alice Walton, heiress to the renowned retail empire of Walmart, is the richest woman in America with a colossal net worth of $61.8bn. Alice Walton is followed by Julia Koch, who has a net worth of $46.4bn.

In second position is Germany as there are 29 female billionaires in the country. The accumulative net worth of the 29 female billionaires is $102.5bn. Additionally, seven of the 29 female billionaires are from the healthcare industry in Germany.

China is in third place with 26 female billionaires. The combined net worth of the 26 female billionaires in China is an eye-watering $165.7bn. Yang Huiyan is the richest woman in China with a net worth of $29.6bn, a fortune which the 39-year has largely amassed from the real estate industry.

Italy (13) and Hong Kong (10) are among the other countries with 10 or more female billionaires, respectively ranking fourth and fifth.

Pharmaceutical tycoon Massimiliana Landini Aleotti is the richest woman in Italy with a net worth of $9.1bn, whilst the same is true for tech innovator Zhou Qunfei in Hong Kong with a net worth of $15.4bn.

Interestingly France is in eighth position with five female billionaires. The total net worth of the five female billionaires is $95bn. 77% of this $95bn is attributed to Francoise Bettencourt Meyers. As the granddaughter of the founder of personal care giants L’Oreal, she has a net worth of $73.6bn – making her not only the richest women in France but the world.

At the other end in joint 10th spot is Israel, Norway, Russia and the United Kingdom with three female billionaires each.

Rank Country No. of Female Billionaires Collective Net Worth ($ USD – Billion) Industry Most Prevalent In
1. United States 85 $555.9 Food & Beverage
2. Germany 29 $102.5 Healthcare
3. China 26 $165.7 Technology
4. Italy 13 $34.7 Fashion & Retail
5. Hong Kong 10 $64.8 Real Estate
6. Australia 9 $40 Metals & Mining
6. Brazil 9 $18.4 Fashion & Retail
6. Switzerland 9 $34.4 Manufacturing
7. India 7 $23.7 Healthcare
7. Spain 7 $19.5 Fashion & Retail/Food & Beverage
7. Sweden 7 $32 Fashion & Retail
8. France 5 $95 Various
9. Canada 4 $8 Real Estate
9. Denmark 4 $19.9 Manufacturing
9. South Korea 4 $8.8 Technology
9. Turkey 4 $8.6 Diversified
10. Israel 3 $6.7 Various
10. Norway 3 $5.4 Diversified
10. Russia 3 $15.6 Various
10. United Kingdom 3 $11 Various

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