The Craftory invests $50m in HIPPEAS Chickpea Snacks

HIPPEAS Chickpea Snacks, has raised $50m from The Craftory, an investment house that financially backs challenger brands.

The flavour-packed, healthy snacking brand with major sustainability credentials, intends to use the funds to boost innovation, expand production, increase distribution and amplify its positive impact.

The Craftory is a $375m global investment house focused exclusively on championing the world’s boldest, mission-driven consumer brands. The Craftory is Cause Capital: investing in like-minded companies offering products that positively and boldly impact the categories they serve, society, and the planet.

HIPPEAS Chickpea Snacks The Craftory’s newest challenger brand, is known for its iconic yellow bag with a chickpea smile.

Jonathan Miller, Craft Partner at The Craftory commented: “HIPPEAS are that rarest of things – a healthier snack which actually tastes good. Really good. Too often, the healthy option which you know is better for you just leaves you feeling ‘I’d rather not have anything’ – but HIPPEAS snacks are delicious. And not only better for you – they’re also better for the planet. We’re excited to be partnering with the business, to help bring their better breed of snacks to more people, on more occasions, around the world.”