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The Entrepreneurial ScaleUp System

“In Kevin’s book you will find the answers to unlock any issue that is preventing you from scaling, together with extremely valuable advice that will put you on the right track to achieving your plan and goals.” – Mark Wright, BBC’s The Apprentice winner, CEO of Climb Online, Forbes 30 Under 30, 2017.

Kevin Brent is an entrepreneurial business practitioner and the Founder of BizSmart, with a focus on strategy and business development and a passion for building value for business owners.

When there are 6 million private sector small and medium sized businesses within the UK, why is it that just 4% of them scale beyond 10 employees/around £1m turnover? And, equally importantly, what is preventing 75% of these from then scaling beyond 50?

The Entrepreneurial ScaleUp System, which has been endorsed by former BBC The Apprentice Winner, Mark Wright, explores the key reasons why most organisations do not scale and how the challenges change as they reach different milestones on the ScaleUp Journey. It includes a ‘failsafe’ practical step-by-step guide to successfully navigate between the milestones in the form of ESUS – a proven system for entrepreneurs to scale up.

Here is an extract from The Entrepreneurial ScaleUp System by Kevin Brent.

Thomas Edison is credited with saying ‘Success is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration’ – and it is true for business. If you are still searching for that magic wand that will transform your business into everything you ever wanted it to be, then perhaps you are not ready for this book. Sure, there are frameworks and ways of approaching things that will help you, but it is ‘executing’ consistently well over time that will make the difference. Every now and then we may have a ‘light bulb’ moment, but mainly it is about the cumulative effect of multiple small steps in the right direction. This is essentially about creating, implementing and maintaining good ‘habits’.

So we are going to start there, before needing to look at the chapter on the challenges facing business owners at different stages of the ScaleUp Journey (Chapter 2), or the chapters on Strategy, People, Execution or Cash (Chapters 4–7). First we are going to look at two fundamental habits that will enable you to get more done in 90 days than most businesses get done in a year! These are:

  • Putting in place a 90-day planning cycle
  • Implementing an effective business ‘rhythm’ (the beat of an effective company) starting with an effective weekly team meeting

It doesn’t matter if you are the only employee of the business, or if you have thousands of employees, these two interlinked habits properly embedded will make an enormous difference to your business over time – providing all sorts of great things like clarity, focus, alignment and accountability to name but a few ‘biggies’ as well as a forum for keeping on top of the day to day and addressing any challenges that come along.

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