The Grand Pier rises once again!

In July 2008 many residents of Weston super Mare awoke to the news that the Grand Pier had caught fire. A quick look at the news confirmed the worst, a fire had taken hold and completely gutted the pavilion building. Many people thought it spelled the end of Weston’s tourist trade but over 2 years on and a £51millon rebuild sees the Grand Pier live up to its name as Kerry and Michelle Michaels opened the pier once again.

Crowds queued overnight to be one of the first on what is being dubbed the South-West’s largest indoor theme park, braving the wind and rain in the process. This author has decided not to brave the crowds this morning although being the last paying member of the public to have been on the pier the night before the fire it would almost be fitting if I had been the first on the new pavilion!

Were you queued overnight to be one of the first on the pier? We would love to hear your experience of Weston’s newest tourist attraction.