The industries showing job growth amid the coronavirus pandemic

Many jobs have been plunged into uncertainty with the spread of the coronavirus pandemic – but some industries are seeing a major spike in the vacancies too.

Social isolation measures are already severely impacting the hospitality industry, with warnings being issued of ‘hundreds of thousands of job losses’ in the UK’s pubs, restaurants and theatres.

Projections published yesterday by the International Labour Organisation suggested the overall worldwide impact could see somewhere between 5.3 million jobs lost in a best-case scenario – rising to 25 million if the situation is badly managed by global governments.

However, commercial property experts Savoy Stewart have been studying new vacancies being posted around the UK this week – and reveal there are a number of industries which have seen major growth in new openings even within the past three days.

Indeed, in just three days, the company has traced 31,387 new jobs being advertised, which is says shows ‘there are still thousands of companies hiring across the country’.

They include:

  • 5,252 jobs in customer service
  • 4,369 nursing roles
  • 2,838 transport jobs, including coordinators and planners
  • 2,744 warehouse assistants
  • 1,728 administrators
  • 1,724 cleaning positions
  • 1,508 delivery drivers
  • 1,375 openings in childcare
  • 969 teaching jobs
  • 780 doctors
  • 531 shop pickers
  • 506 network engineers
  • 333 finance assistants
  • 303 receptionists

Savoy Stewart said: “Interestingly, many of the jobs that are in demand right now don’t need a university degree, or a specific qualification; these positions with a huge number of new listings include customer service, administration, cleaners and delivery drivers.

“In the last three days, 62 new jobs have been listed for online tutors on Indeed, however this figure is expected to rise significantly following the government’s announcement to close schools from Friday onwards.

“Whilst these job figures are certainly encouraging, struggling Brits should remember to look after their health and well-being first during these difficult times before looking to get back into the job market soon as possible.”