The most popular hashtags of 2018

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In the modern day, the social presence of your business is just as important as any other aspect that determines economic success and popularity. The online world is where the majority of people discover new things, one of which could turn out to be your business if you consistently build upon and engage with your existing audience.

It’s important to make an effort instead of just occasionally making a post once a month, so that’s why you might want to consider having someone within your team dedicate a chunk of their time to ensuring there is regular activity across all social media channels.

What are hashtags?

When we think of hashtags in the context of social media, many people instantly link them to Twitter, which was one of the earliest social media platforms to really emphasize their usage and encourage users to utilise them. As social media has evolved however, hashtags have become almost universal in their use across all kinds of social networks like Instagram, YouTube, and even Facebook. A hashtag is placed before a word to group the surrounding text with other posts that have used the same combination of a word with a hashtag before it.

Using a popular or ‘trending’ hashtag in your social media post can drastically improve the engagement it’ll receive, meaning the number of likes, replies, or shares. People that aren’t necessarily part of your existing audience could potentially find your post if it picks up traction so it’s really important that you try to use hashtags that will crossover as much as possible.

The most popular Instagram hashtags of 2018

Nearly 100 million photos are posted to Instagram every single day so there’s a lot of competition and noise you’ll need to overcome in order to be noticed. Some of the most popular Instagram hashtags include things like:

  • #love
  • #instagood
  • #me
  • #tbt
  • #photooftheday
  • #motivation

These are some of the most popular hashtags on the platform but as a business you might not be able to use all of them effectively. Being able to identify hashtags that you can make relevant to your business is incredibly important because otherwise your attempts at wide exposure will be deemed forced and unnatural.

From that short selection, hashtags that could easily be applied to any business are #tbt, #photooftheday, and #motivation. The acronym ‘tbt’ stands for ‘Throwback Thursday’ and this is a day of the week where people post a picture that showcases an old photo of themselves or an event. A business that has been around for a decent amount of time can use this hashtag to post something like a photo of their old offices or an old charity event they did, which will improve the image of your business as well as include you with other users of the ‘tbt’ hashtag.

‘#photooftheday’ is another easy way to get involved with a trending hashtag as there are no prerequisites for it and it can be of literally anything. By using this hashtag on your favourite photo of the day, you can easily get picked up by people searching for this hashtag out of curiosity. One drawback of using this hashtag is that it does imply that you’ll be posting a photo on a daily basis, but then again, this could encourage you to be more active.

Perhaps the best one of the bunch for a business to use is ‘#motivation’ which can also be spun into ‘#MondayMotivation’ to encourage people at the start of a week. Posting quotes or people within your business enthusiastically working can encourage people to check out your business, further increasing social media engagement.

The most popular Twitter hashtags of 2018

Beyond the realm of photos, it’s equally important to have something worth saying to people. This is where Twitter comes into the picture. Whilst the hashtags of Instagram are relatively broad and can be applied to a vast number of posts, many Twitter hashtags are relevant to specific events or groups that are popular at that point in time. There are certain trends that can be picked out and applied to a business however.

Getting involved with events, particularly those that are also progressive social statements can definitely help your business get noticed on Twitter. For instance, some of the best performing hashtags of 2018 include things like #womenshistorymonth, #blackhistorymonth, and #pressforprogress. Tweets with these kinds of hashtag stand a very good chance of being noticed by the masses and it also goes to show that your company is socially conscious.

Making the most of social media as a business

To surmise, even though these are some the most popular hashtags from 2018, it’s more important that you’re consistently active online as opposed to occasionally tweeting to latch onto an exceptionally popular hashtag, although it certainly won’t harm you to use a few of them amongst your usual tweets.

With many people looking at social media more than any other entertainment outlet, there has never been a more important time to establish your business across a variety of social media platforms. Move past the stone age and make 2019 the year where your business is more interactive online than ever before.

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