The race to $5tn: Which of the biggest companies will hit this milestone and when?

With Apple becoming the first US company to reach $3tn market cap at the start of this year, you may be wondering who’s next, perhaps Tesla, Microsoft, or Amazon?

Using historical market capitalisation data, new research from has forecasted which of 2021’s biggest companies are most likely to hit this milestone and when.

Companies likely to hit $5tn and when

Ranking Company Country Year
1 Apple United States 2028
2 Microsoft United States 2035
2 Amazon United States 2035
3 Tesla United States 2066
3 NVIDIA United States 2066
4 TSMC Taiwan 2078
5 Tencent Holdings China 2083
6 UnitedHealth Group United States 2090

It may come as no surprise that Apple is predicted to be the first company to hit the $5trn market cap goal and is on track to do so before this current decade ends, in 2028. Next are both Microsoft and Amazon, who look to reach this in 2035.

After that, there is a longer period to wait until the next few are expected to achieve this feat, with both Tesla and NVIDIA forecasted to hit the milestone in 2066 and TSMC in 2078. According to the data, the final two companies are Tencent Holdings in 2083 and UnitedHealth Group with just a decade to spare in 2090.

Taking this further, of these giant companies there are a few which may hit $10tn in market cap before the century is over. The forecasted data predicts that Apple will do so first in 2043, followed by Amazon around 2055 and then Microsoft in 2057.

Perhaps you’re wondering about some of the other largest companies in 2021 and where they might stand before the end of the century?

Kweichow Moutai just misses out on being part of the $5tn club, with an estimated market capitalisation of $4.7tn by 2100. Other household names, including Berkshire Hathaway and Visa, are even further behind at $3.9tn.

What may come as a surprise is the likes of Walmart and Procter & Gamble are not even halfway there with $2tn, and Walt Disney only slightly ahead at $2.1tn.

While this forecasted data is simply an estimate and doesn’t account for all other potential factors, such as market fluctuations, inflation rate, and variations in existing FX rates, it’s clear that some of the biggest companies in the world might hit these mammoth milestones sooner than expected.