The top sustainable tech solutions that started through crowdfunding

Price comparison site Uswitch recently released a report highlighting that crowdfunding projects are one of the highest contributors to new green technology. So, for this week’s Business Leader Top 12, which also happens to coincide with our sustainability month, we’ve looked at the top 12 sustainable tech solutions that made over £100,000 via crowdfunding.

This list is in no particular order.

Chopbox, Smart Chopping Board

Chopbox is the world’s first smart chopping board and it combines five cooking appliances into one. Built from 100% organic bamboo, it features two knife sharpeners, a digital timer and scales, making it the ideal all-in-one solution for preparing your meals. It even features a groove for catching juices and a UVC light, which sanitises your knife in between uses.

As it stands, Chopbox has currently raised a very impressive $1,794,958 on Kickstarter through 13,015 backers, eclipsing its original goal of $10,000 within just 25 minutes.

Briiv, Air Filter

Running on 100% renewable energy and natural materials, the Briiv air filter is designed to create clean and safe air in the home or office, creating a healthier living environment. Good air quality can improve sleep and energy levels, whilst air pollution is linked to variety of respiratory conditions, including asthma. The Briiv air filter can help with all these things.

On Indiegogo, the Briiv air filter has currently raised £716,590 through 2,014 backers, with another £183,818 raised through 658 backers on Kickstarter, making it very close to cracking the £1m mark.

Leoch, High-capacity Batter Power Station

Marketing itself as the ultimate battery powered generator, LEOCH offers an incredible 2,048Wh capacity via a LiFePO4 battery, making it suitable for providing back up power for the home, an energy source for a workshop or camping trip, musical performance and more. Fully charged within three hours and featuring four 2000W AC outputs, it has a 600W solar input, so it is a fully renewable energy source.

It has currently exceeded its funding target on Indiegogo by 8000%; the Leoch has raised £728,886 from 1,175 backers.

Generark, Solar-powered Backup Power Supply

Solar-powered generator Generark is an emergency power supply that has been designed specifically for modern homes. So, if your power cuts out for whatever reason, you’ll still be able to watch tv, use your computer, play video games or whatever else.

When fully charged, it stores electricity for at least a year, and it claims to have enough capacity to provide up to seven days of emergency power. At the time of writing, 315 backers pledged $841,003 on Kickstarter to get Generark started.

Lomi, Compost System

Lomi Compost SystemLomi is an innovative compost system that turns your food waste into nutrient-rich compost. It works using a combination of heat, abrasion and Oxygen, which speeds up the breakdown of organic waste into smaller fragments. The compost can be used to fertilise your plants, garden or even the garbage, eliminating leaking bin bags and food waste going to landfill.

£5,177,430 has currently been raised for the technology, through 19,229 backers on Indiegogo.  It’s currently available to pre-order and it’s estimated that shipping will begin in January 2022.

Nebia Shower, Eco-Friendly Shower Solution

Designed to use 70% less water than a typical household shower, the Nebia is an excellent way to lower your water usage. This fully self-installed shower system provides a warm mist for you to clean your body and it claims to be 13 times more efficient at heating water, which can save the user money on heating bills and reduce their carbon footprint.

Through Kickstarter, 8,559 backers have pledged $3,126,114 in crowdfunding for the Nebia, making it one of the most successful sustainable crowdfunding stories of all time.

HomeBase Eco System, Wireless Charging Shelf built from Ocean Plastic

Created by Solgaard Design and built using ocean plastic, the HomeBase is a wireless charging shelf with a built-in amplifier, which works with the Boombox, a solar-powered wireless speaker, and Juicepack, a solar powerbank, providing them with amplification and charge respectively.

The shelf is suitable for hanging anywhere in your home and the idea behind it is to reduce the amount of plastic waste in the ocean, which is a real problem. $601,389 has currently been raised for this technology via 3,043 backers on Kickstarter.

Sequent Elektron, Self-Charging Smart Watch

Designed to combat the biggest issue with smart watches – the need for constant charging – the Sequent Elektron is a self-charging smartwatch that uses an oscillating weight to generate electricity through body movement, giving the watch an infinite source of power. Externally, they look like a traditional Swiss watch, whilst the smart technology innards allow for physiological data to be collected around the clock.

Despite only being in the prototype stage, the Sequent Elektron has got 2,573 backers who have pledged £856,668 in total on Indiegogo.

Nutshell Coolers, Eco-Friendly, Portable Food & Drink Storage

Nutshell Cooler

Credit: Nutshell Coolers

A cooler is the perfect accompaniment to outdoor picnics, camping trips and ventures to the seaside, but as they’re traditionally built from plastic, they’re not the most eco-friendly in the long-term.

But not anymore. Built from coconuts and keeping ice frozen for more than 48 hours, Nutshell Coolers also fold flat for convenient storage, making it the ideal eco-friendly solution for storing your food and drink.

Although they haven’t quite broken the £100,000 crowdfunding barrier, thanks to 633 backers, Nutshell Coolers smashed their crowdfunding goal of £21,664 and have currently raised £93,944!

OGarden Smart, Indoor Gardening System

OGarden Smart is a revolutionary indoor gardening system that allows for the growing of up to 90 fruits and vegetables at once without the use of pots or soil. The technology uses low energy consumption LED lights to simulate sunlight and allow your produce to grow at an optimal rate right the year round.

With 1,329 backers on Kickstarter, OGarden Smart has managed to raise CA$ 1,024.477 through crowdfunding.

Terra, Natural Listening & Conservation Device

This small, weatherproof device utilises microphones to collect animal sounds in your back garden, which scientists and conservationists can use to track animal migration and take action to preserve habitats and wildlife. Via the Terra app, you can also connect to natural areas around the world and learn more about various birds and animals. Other innovative features like soil moisture sensors and weather sensors are also available with Terra, allowing for total monitoring of your outside space.

Thanks to 1,425 backers, £216,464 has currently been raised for this conservation technology via Indiegogo.

Orison, Home Battery System

Orison allows you to harness the power of energy in your home. Regardless of whether it comes from the grid, solar panels, wind turbines or an alternative source, with Orison, you can store this energy and use it when you wish. When utility rates are low, it will store energy, and when rates are high, it will use it, saving you money and reducing peak demand on the grid.

With 415 backers pledging $349.474 via Kickstarter so far, this technology far surpassed its original crowdfunding goal of $50,000.