The world’s best cities for a career in NFTs, Crypto and the Metaverse have been revealed

A study by MrQ has revealed the best cities to get a job with NFTs, Crypto and the Metaverse.

The study looks at average salary, number of job vacancies, and number of related businesses, as well as average download speed, which revealed the best locations for a career in crypto.

The study findings include:

  • New York City ranks as the world’s best city for a career in crypto, with 4,729 jobs available and the eighth-best salary in the world at $125,115 (£100,448)
  • Denver is the city with the best average salary in crypto at $139,257 (£111,802)
  • Singapore ranks as the world’s best location for a career in NFTs, with 395 roles ready to be filled and an average salary in this industry of $66,050 (£53,028)
  • Tokyo, Japan, has the most job vacancies at the moment in NFTs, with over 250 more roles than any other city
  • Sydney, Australia, holds the highest average salary for a career in NFTs overall at a whopping $93,877 (£75,328)

The top 10 cities for a career in crypto are as follows:

1. New York City, USA

2. Oakland, USA

3. Silicon Valley, USA

4. Singapore, Singapore

5. Los Angeles, USA

6. Chicago, USA

7. London, UK

8. Boston, USA

9. Austin, USA

10. Seattle, USA