Thirdline appoints senior support specialist

Cullen Owen

Cullen Owen

Leading Bristol IT, cloud and communications firm, Thirdline has appointed a new Support Specialist.

Cullen Owen, 40, is a highly qualified server engineer being the man behind pitching and integrating the VMware platform at Aviva, the insurance group.

He will be a vital part of the core team as a senior engineer with a proven track record in both virtualisation and server infrastructure management.

Cullen also has strong experience working with all operating systems including Apple and Linux.

CEO of Thirdline, Jack Peploe comments: “We’ve grown dramatically over the last year, appointing a number of new staff, mainly in the technical department to cope with our ever increasing client base.

“This is an exciting time for Thirdline, we have so much in the pipeline! I wish I could reveal more, but you’ll start so see this changes in the next few months, with our presence in Bristol rapidly increasing.”