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Thousands of companies are still missing out on the power of being online


Thousands of companies are still not online

More and more consumers are heading online when looking for their businesses needs. Research by Approved Index revealed that 1.98 SMEs don’t have a website and this is costing them £343 billion a year.

When looking at the money businesses could be saving, the answer’s simple isn’t it?

Purplex Marketing points out the top three reasons why any business should be online.

Improve your credibility and see your leads rise

You might think your business doesn’t need a website. The online market is becoming the sole platform of trade for many sectors. Without a website you could be missing a whole host of potential customers. Some people don’t consider getting in touch with companies if they don’t have a site as they don’t feel they’re as trustworthy or reliable. The same can be said with social media. Brands and companies increase their credibility by having an online presence. As well as allowing you to showcase your product range and services, a website can answer frequently asked questions. Saving both you and your customer’s precious time.

Keep up-to-date with your customers

Having a website allows you to be found easier if someone searches online for a local company. With our PPC and SEO expertise, we can improve your rankings and ensure that you can always be found by potential customers. If you already have a website, it’s important to ensure that it’s updated regularly. An out-of-date site is just as bad as none at all. With online content marketing and social media management, we can ensure that your site is being constantly updated with everything from product guides to home improvement advice and case studies. This will ensure your website is highly ranked by search engines as well as your customers.

Attract any audience with ease

If you have both commercial and homeowner aspects of your business, one website might not be enough to target all your audiences. Your brand message can get lost in translation when trying too much in one go. We’ve helped many clients who’ve noticed a real difference when using multiple sites. The language you use towards potential suppliers and customers needs to be different and we understand this. We have content experts who are adept at writing trade, retail and homeowner focused sites.

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