Three quarters of furloughed workers are worried about redundancy

A recent survey has revealed that the majority (75%) of employees who are currently on furlough are concerned about being made redundant.

Global marketplace surveyed more than 2,500 professionals currently furloughed to discover if they are worried about job security, along with how being furloughed has impacted them.

The results also revealed that two thirds (67%) of employees feel there’s been a lack of communication from their employer during this period, with a further sixth (15%) stating the business they work for has already made other furloughed employees redundant.

In addition to the survey, the platform delved into the findings to discover which job sectors people are most concerned about losing their jobs.

The top 5 industries where staff feel the least amount of job security are:

  1. Hospitality – 42%
  2. Travel/Tourism – 37%
  3. Sales – 31%
  4. Health and beauty – 29%
  5. Marketing – 28%

When asked further why they are worried about their job security, nearly a third (31%) of professionals stated they don’t feel they are an integral part of the company, with one in ten (11%) respondents selecting the business they work for could close permanently as a result of the pandemic.

According to national statistics, as of June 2020 there are approximately 9.1 million employees, from 1.1 million different employers, furloughed in the UK as part of the government’s job retention scheme

Cas Paton, founder and CEO of OnBuy, said: “Furlough is a word none of us had ever heard before this year, however it is uncommon to not hear the term daily as businesses across the country tackle the effects of Covid-19. The government job retention scheme is a great initiative allowing employers to pause or adjust their business, whilst not making their employees redundant in the meantime.

“As the pandemic continues to affect businesses there is a lot of uncertainty on whether all staff furloughed will return to work as normal once the period is over. It was shocking and saddening to hear that so many professionals are currently worried about the security of their employment, and I hope lots of people start to return to work and receive some reassurance on their situation, as we start to move out of lockdown and back to normality.”