Too many local businesses lack Brand-strategy

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In the current climate, it’s never been more important for businesses to live and breathe their Brand. It’s who they are; it’s everything they do. After all, we are all nothing less than ‘Global Microbrands’. Everything about a business and its service is built around an understanding of it; the way it acts, the way it communicates with its customers, its partners and affiliates, staff…everyone. So why is it that so many local businesses seem to be lacking a vision for their Brand strategy?

Brand strategy for many local businesses and services seems to stretch to a facebook fanpage and a few facebook events and groups. . . perhaps even a website and an email address. Though all of these identify what the business is, and often what it offers. None of them form a Brand, or a strategy, or a direction. Many don’t even have a brand promise. Even words are brands, and local businesses appear to be failing to notice the power, words/advertising can play in driving business and moving forward in a troubled climate. Without a relevant and powerful Brand strategy, I find it difficult to see how they can survive.

Oli Johnson is an Advertising Copywriter He is also Creative Director of Kerouac’s Dog Magazine TM – an independently published, underground Magazine for Creatives in Bristol – and Team Cheesecake TM Vintage & Pinup Boudoir photography

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