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Amazon Washington USA (Credit:

In modern business, it isn’t just the leader within a company that needs to inspire the workforce, but the environment in which they are surrounded. Business Leader looks into the 15 most inspiring workplaces from around the world.

Amazon (Washington, USA)

The triple-domed headquarters for Amazon is a spectacle to behold. Based in Seattle, Washington, the awe-inspiring building looks straight out of a sci-fi movie. Inside is equally as impressive. The glass domes means that Amazon can have their own ‘Amazon’ climate – which includes more than 40,000 tropical trees and plants. There is even an office suspended above it all, overlooking the forest.

Credit: Giovanna Silva and Giuliano Berarducci

Comvert (Milan, Italy)

The Italian alternative clothing chain’s main headquarters, based in Milan, is a converted abandoned cinema. To tie in with their alternative background, there is now a skate park bowl overhanging the main office space.

Facebook (California, USA)

The social media giants main headquarters is its own mini-city. With ultra-modern offices, housing and environmental space, Facebook has enough space to continue its enormous growth in the last two decades. The 150,000 sq ft site is spread across 10 different areas in Pala Alto, making it the envy of business across the world.

Google (London)

Google has become known around the world for its extravagant offices, and London is no exception. Swimming pools, massage rooms, slides, gyms, sports venues, a running track and rooftop garden views of the city – not a bad place to work. With enough space for over 4000 employees, it is like its own small town within one of the most sought after areas of London.

Google (Zurich, Switzerland)

Half the size of the London office, Google’s base in Zurich features and indoor river with gondolas, slides between floors and Swiss vernacular meeting rooms. Google also boasts free massages for its employees on demand, and refrigerators full of snacks and drinks – all to make the staff feel right at home.

Inventionland (Pennsylvania, USA)

Inventionland is a Pittsburgh-based immersive work environment and idea incubator where projects are brought to life through creativity and innovation. A series of creative shared office spaces are set to themes including pirate ships, motor speedways, castles and a dozen more. The 60,000 sq ft site is now home to students, designers and business professionals from a wide range of sectors.

Lego (London)

Opened in 2016, Lego’s London office has been designed with its iconic toy blocks in mind. The four-storey office block features different themed lego rooms and a yellow brick staircase that leads to stunning skyline views of London.


Microsoft (Vienna, Austria)

Voted as the best Microsoft office on the planet, the Vienna office has areas designed with the country’s heritage in mind. Hunting lodge meeting rooms and x-ray graphics are featured throughout. Living walls and floor-to-floor slides are seen across the 80,000 sq ft building. (Cirencester)

Running a business out of a castle, the money comparison website has become synonymous with modern contemporary design, mixed with a traditional British backdrop. On-site luxuries include a Star Wars-themed cinema complete with popcorn machine, Rolling Stones themed bathrooms and themed buildings throughout the property. Designed with the help of TV personality, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, the castle also features an ice cave, ski lodge, and a library with a ‘secret passage’.

Nike (Oregon, USA)

The sporting goods giant’s world headquarters is the home of inspirational sporting catchphrases – all of which are plastered across the walls and walkways of the large 286 acre site. The company pays homage to its most iconic sportspeople, including an entire hall dedicated to Michael Jordan (and his extensive range of sneakers) or a replica of the 18th hole at Pebble Beach Golf Club, where Tiger Woods had one of his iconic moments.


Pixar (California, USA)

For anyone that has grown up over the last 20 years with the incredible array of Pixar movies – this is the office for you. Lifesize replicas of their famous characters are spread out across the offices, which are set in a huge warehouse. The open plan and shared office spaces are set within the themes of some of their most famous movies.

Selgas Cano Architecture (Madrid, Spain)

The semi-submerged office is set within a forest landscape gives its employees a ‘bug eyes’ view of their surroundings. Situated on the outskirts of the Spanish capital, the curved glass roof means that there is no need for lighting.

Twitter (California, USA)

The social media powerhouse has been through an evolutionary few years in how they structure their site and this has led to an explosion in the number of users they now have. As part of their growth strategy, last year they moved into a new ‘smart city’  building in San Francisco, where tech is at the heart of everything.

Urban Outfitters (Pennsylvania, USA)

The clothing retail chain’s world headquarters in Pittsburgh is very in keeping with their stores, as it is set within a very large ‘bare’ warehouse with repurposed material. The warehouse was a former dilapidated navy shipyard, that offers a glimpse into the gritty, manufacturing town that Pittsburgh once was. With spectacular views of the river and plenty of room to expand, the future looks bright for Urban Outfitters.

White Mountain Office/Bahnhof (Stockholm, Sweden)

Imagine a James Bond villain-esque lair, but home to a Swedish IT firm and internet service provider. Set 30 metres underground is a transformed ColdWar bomb shelter, the office was created by blasting a space with bare rockface on every wall. A circular glass meeting room suspended above the floor looks like something straight out of the movie series. Home to 15 full-time employees, the area also features a 2600 litre saltwater tank, as well as eccentric living walls and waterfalls through natural cracks in the rock.

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