Top five richest men in 20th century worth three time more than today’s top five billionaires

Data gathered and calculated by Learnbonds indicates that the top five richest people of the 20th century currently have a combined net worth of $1.62tn. With inflation adjustments, the data shows that this group had a cumulative net worth of $63bn in 1913.

From the 20th century, Andrew Carnegie was the richest person with interests in the steel industry. By 2020, Carnegie’s fortune would be around $419.8bn. From this valuation, Carnegie had a net worth of $16.5bn in 1913.

Oil tycoon John D Rockefeller occupies the second spot. By 1913, Rockefeller was valued at $14.9bn while in 2020, he would enjoy a net worth of $384.8bn, making him the richest American to ever live.

Russia’s Nikolai Alexandrovich Romanov who had a net worth of $13.1bn in1913 would be valued at $338.58bn in 2020.

On the other hand, Mir Osman Ali Khan from India would be valued at $259.5bn in 2013. In 1913, Khan’s fortune was valued at $10 billion.

Former long term Libyan leader Muarmur Gadaffi closes the list. The ruler who died with a net worth of about $200bn in 2011, would currently be valued at $225.7bn.

When compared to the modern-day living billionaires, the 20th wealthy people would have wealth three times more than their 21st-century counterparts. Cumulatively the modern billionaires have wealth amounting to $514.4bn.

The billionaires include Jeff Bezos ($125.3bn), Bill Gates ($112.6bn), Bernard Arnault ($90.4bn), Warren Buffett ($90.4bn) and Amancio Ortega ($78.1bn).