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Top health and safety qualification puts MHA Monahans at advisory forefront

Debbie Anstis

MHA Monahans’ Health and Safety Consultant Debbie Anstis has completed the NEBOSH National Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety, a qualification recognised as the gold standard in the health and safety industry.

Recognised across the region for their accountancy services, MHA Monahans also provides business advice and support, including specialist health and safety audits, guidance and advice.

Headed by Debbie Anstis, the department works with many businesses, charities and schools in the region to ensure full compliance to the many laws and regulations around health and safety as well as working with employees to build the correct cultures to support and develop adherence for the ongoing benefit of the business.

This degree level qualification, covers aspects critical to a business’ health and safety adherence, including risk control, hazardous substances, the effect of mental health in the workplace, equipment safety and carrying out investigations.

Debbie completed the course in just one year, halving the standard length of study of two years.  She explained: “The qualification helps develop your skills in looking at health and safety from a strategic business point of view as well as ensuring that the legal requirements are being fulfilled. Health and safety is much more than just policy and risk assessments, it is about having the correct management systems for a business to work towards a strategic plan and moving everyone forward together.

“When approached correctly, health and safety has the potential to improve efficiency, staff buy-in, morale and engagement.  It shows that a business not only wants to work in the best way, but also truly values its staff.

“With this qualification I’ve had the opportunity to think about health and safety on a wider scale and look at how I can advise businesses in improving, to support their own growth for the future.  As a consultant I see a lot of different issues across a number of different industries and sectors and this experience helps ensure the advice I give is the most efficient and appropriate.

“Many of the businesses I work with are 80% there in terms of health and safety but often they lack the necessary documentation and detail to become fully compliant.”