Tory and DUP deal delayed, Corbyn in permanent campaign mode and Commons speaker re-elected – Politics roundup

Arlene Foster and Theresa May

Here is Business Leader Magazine’s update from Westminster – your views and opinions are always welcome…

Tory and DUP deal delayed until next week

Due to the current ongoing tragedy at Grenfell Tower, where so far six people have died, the DUP and Conservatives have reportedly agreed to delay any agreement or announcement until next week.

The agreement has reportedly gone smoothly with only the final pieces to sign off for both sides. This has resulted in the Queen’s speech, potentially, moving to the end of next week.

David Cameron tells PM to listen to other parties over Brexit

Following the unexpected results of last week’s General Election, former PM David Cameron has told Theresa May to ‘listen to other parties’ to get the best possible deal for leaving the EU.

Cameron has warned of pressure for a softer-Brexit deal but Downing Street has denied that any cross-party consultation will take place during the negotiations with Brussels.

Labour in ‘permanent campaign mode’

Jeremy Corbyn has said that his party must remain in a ‘permanent campaign mode’ and should prepare for another election at any time.

The Labour leader said that his party would fight in the marginal seat areas of the country, while he opposes Theresa May in Westminster.

France and Germany open to Brexit U-turn

French President Emmanuel Macron and German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaueble have today said that there is still a possibility that the UK can remain in the EU following the results of Brexit negotiations.

Under Article 50, the UK is to leave the EU in March 2019, however, if no negotiations are finalised then interim arrangements will be made.

SNP leader defends referendum plans following General Election results

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has branded speculation surrounding the impact of their results in the General Election will have on her second referendum plans, as ‘nonsense’.

Sturgeon is to face renewed calls for her to call off her campaign when parliament in Holyrood resumes.

House of Commons Speaker re-elected

John Bercow has been re-elected as Commons Speaker, months after facing a ‘no confidence’ vote. Bercow was applauded by all sides in the Commons as he was ‘dragged’ to his seat. A tradition passed down after each election result.

PM Theresa may commented – “At least someone got a landslide.”