Tory leadership candidate in trouble over ITV interview – Politics Round-Up

JacobRees-Mogg MP

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Conservative MP completely opposed to abortion

On ITV’s Good Morning Britain, Tory MP for Jacob Rees-Mogg said he was ‘completely opposed’ to abortion, even in the case of rape or incest.

The North East Somerset MP is a strict Catholic and is currently the favourite to take over from Theresa May, should she step down.

On the Piers Morgan show, Rees-Mogg also stated he opposes gay marriage.

Cable says inherited wealth is contributing to inequality

Liberal Democrat leader Vince Cable has warned the government over the way inheritance tax laws have been used – saying it has led to widening inequalities and social issues.

In his first speech as the new leader, Cable has called for a government review into the process.

Dangerous cycling laws considered

The government will look into a potential law to curb dangerous cycling. Prime Minister Theresa May made the commitment during PMQs.

The current laws on dangerous cycling have not been updated since the 19th century.

UK Businesses warned over ‘workers first’ idea

Companies in the UK that rely on EU workers have warned that a potentially disastrous impact on the economy will happen if the number of unskilled migrant workers falls post-Brexit.

The plans, leaked by The Guardian, show that the government’s draft plans could lead to a huge disruption in the farming industry.

Labour call for ban on gambling firms advertising on shirts

Deputy leader of the Labour party, Tom Watson, has called for a ban on gambling firms advertising on football shirts if Labour comes to power.

Currently, nine Premier League teams have gambling sponsorship on their kits.