Transforming smiles and the public perception of dentistry


Your smile is essential to your confidence. Before you’ve even spoken, your smile can tell anyone you meet how you’re feeling, how you approach life, even how you care for yourself.

It’s no surprise then that when asked what parts of their appearance people want to change their smile is one of the common answers.

What is surprising, is how many people in the UK see a visit to the dentist as chore, or even something to be afraid of. Your regular trips to the dentist are how you keep one of the most important parts of your appearance healthy and looking its best.

For the past years, Dental Spa 25 have been changing this misconception of dentistry. Principal dentist, Dr Gloria Mabasa explains: “We often don’t give as much care to our oral health as we normally do to other body systems. But whiter, healthier teeth and fresh breath give you a sense of confidence.”

Nestled in Weston-super-Mare, Dental Spa 25 is bringing a unique spa approach to dental care. The expert oral health care team provide high-quality treatment with a customer-focused approach. The friendly, relaxing atmosphere of the practice, allows the team to put even the most nervous of patients at ease, without sacrificing the quality of care they receive.

Over the years, Dental Spa 25 have shifted their local community’s view of oral health care from a sometimes daunting necessity, to a pleasant part of their self-care routine. By providing relaxing spa treatments alongside dental care it’s easy to show patients that caring for their teeth can be an enjoyable, even pampering, experience.

To see how Dental Spa 25 can boost your look and confidence, visit or call the practice team on 01934 627 319.

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