Transport for London deal with Capita to create 900 jobs

A £355m deal between outsourcing firm Capita and Transport for London (TfL) is set to create an extra 900 jobs in the capital.

Capita will continue to help run the city’s congestion charge and low emission zones for a further five years as part of the agreement.

However, Capita will now be recruiting for roles to help with the expanded ultra-low emission zone (ULEZ) and other future TfL initiatives.

Capita CEO Jon Lewis said: “We are delighted to be continuing to partner with Transport for London, working across Capita’s divisions to manage and administer the congestion charge, LEZ and ULEZ.

“These new contracts will see us build on our existing partnership, which has already seen us launch ULEZ on time and on budget, and will draw on our track record of transformation and digitally-enabled services, as well as adding value for our shareholders. Working with Transport for London, we will roll out new, expanded programmes that reduce the effects of air pollution on Londoners and make the streets safer for all road users and pedestrians.”

TfL director of licensing Helen Chapman said: “These projects are vital to cleaning up London’s toxic air, encouraging people to make more sustainable travel choices and keeping people safe on the capital’s roads. The expansion of the ULEZ to the North and South Circular will be transformational, reducing road transport NOx (nitrogen oxides) emissions by around 30% and improving air quality for millions of Londoners.

“We have extended Capita’s contracts to deliver these services over the next five years and will continue to work with them to deliver value for money, and to maintain and improve customer services.”