Travel firm sees rise of the one day holiday

Amanda Harrington

Amanda Harrington

A Weston-super-Mare based coach company has seen a 10 per cent rise in the number of day trips being booked by people in the region, as the one-day holiday becomes a reality.

Bakers Dolphin says the 10 per cent rise in day trips over the last year is an unprecedented increase.

Amanda Harrington, Marketing Director comments: “In the last year we have seen an increasing trend for people to take a number of one-day trips throughout the year rather than go on a longer or extended holiday.

“We believe it is a combination of money being tight and the internet generation used to instant fun and doing things quickly.”

Amanda continues: “There is no particular change in the destinations, although theatre shows and the Harry Potter studio tour are top of the charts.

“Day trips seem to be popular with all ages but the feedback we are getting is that they want instant fun and don’t have much time on their hands.”