Tribe attracts $7.5m from global investors to grow its community platform


Tribe, a customisable community platform that enables businesses to create their customer communities has today announced a $7.5m seed funding round. It was led by Bessemer Venture Partners and CRV with participation from Inovia Capital.

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With Tribe, companies can create online communities to engage customers and followers. This helps to foster engagement and enables them to harness a valuable feedback loop to help enhance their product or service. Moreover, these communities empower customers to derive maximum value from the product, thereby improving customer retention and, ultimately, the revenue.

A growing number of SaaS players are turning to Tribe to build customer communities so they can get this pulse on customers, create a tight feedback loop, offer support, and enable knowledge sharing. Customer numbers at Tribe have soared 400% year-on-year since 2019 which includes businesses such as Pipedrive, ConvertKit, IBM, ASUS, Tim Hortons Foundation, and Prudential Financial.

Tribe’s no-code community solution comes packaged with two components, a core platform and modular apps. The core platform solves the most complex parts of an online community that includes member management, feed, notifications, moderation, analytics, and security. Apps are installed on top of the core platform to extend functionality such as events, Q&A, ideation, voice chat, and messaging.

“We believe any business should be able to build something similar to Facebook, LinkedIn, or Clubhouse for their brand in a few clicks. Building an online community is less about technology and more about creating a network and sense of belonging. Still, many companies have to spend a tremendous amount of time handling the technology because the solutions out there are not customizable and extensible enough,” said Siavash Mahmoudian, Co-founder and CEO, Tribe. “At Tribe, we don’t just want to solve technical problems. We want businesses to learn best practices by action. A community manager with no coding knowledge should be able to bring up their community with Tribe in hours and not months.”

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