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Trinetix sets sights on Latin America with $10m funding

Trinetix, a product development company that drives transformative innovation for multi-billion dollar enterprises, has recently announced it has secured $10m (£8.3m) in funding from the investment fund Hypra.

This strategic funding will enable Trinitex to complete its expansion into Latin America to enhance operations for its North American customers and grow its presence in the Latam market.

With a strong foothold in Europe and the United States, Trinetix’s forward-thinking approach has attracted a loyal clientele of industry leaders, such as Coca-Cola, P&G, ExxonMobil, Credit Agricole, Dutchie, and McDonald’s. Leveraging its unique expertise in the sector, Trinetix has also strategically positioned itself as a trusted partner to a ‘Big Four’ professional services firm, setting new standards in innovation and operational efficiency.

The confidential and long-term partnership has supported the Big Four firm in creating new revenue streams and enhancing efficiency across diverse service domains, garnering significant industry recognition and coveted accolades.

The funding will enable Trinetix to open an office in Latin America, which will facilitate new strategic partnerships and potential acquisitions, strengthening Trinetix’s presence in the market. It will open new doors for the region’s prominent tech talent, allowing them to work with Trinetix’s impressive roster of Fortune 500 businesses and their world-class team, while unlocking new job opportunities — especially important in light of the global financial downturn that has swept the region.

In addition to sustaining the company’s rapid growth trajectory, this expansion will strengthen its global presence and further diversify its team of top-tier tech talent, currently distributed across Ukraine, the EU, and the US.


    Sasha Strozhemin, Co-Founder and CEO of Trinetix, commented: “With 12 years of market experience, Trinetix has built a diverse list of industry-leading clients. We’ve achieved this by providing a quality service led by our team of more than 850 industry experts. We have committed to strengthening our partners’ bottom lines over growing our own balance sheets, with over 80% of our workforce made up of senior-level talent.

    “The incredible results we deliver to our partners have earned us a glowing reputation, as shown by our latest capital raise and a customer retention rate of 85%. Taking our origins in Ukraine, our team initially operated within the country before strategically expanding into both the EU and the US in recent years.

    “Therefore, entering into the LatAm market will allow us to further diversify the team of global tech talent and better cater to our clients’ needs. And that’s just the beginning — we intend to triple our company size in the next four years and become a $1 billion brand within the decade.”

    Igor Pertsiya, Managing Partner at Hypra, said: “Trinetix’s dedication to innovation is second to none and we’re thrilled to join them on their journey to the top. With a dynamic roster of clients, a resilient global team, and an impressive track record of success, we are confident that Trinetix will most definitely continue providing results that will benefit itself, its investors, partners, and its global workforce.”