Triple Point Impact Investing: Do well from doing good

For over 15 years, Triple Point has focused on investing responsibly and delivering a positive outcome for all parties.

We challenge the traditional views that social and environmental issues can only be addressed by philanthropy, and that financial investments should focus only on financial returns. We believe that by investing fairly and responsibly for the long-term, we can deliver both attractive financial returns and make a positive impact.

Our focus on leasing and lending to the public sector, NHS and charities for equipment including ambulances, baby monitors and electric streetsweepers has evolved to include renewable energy and supported social housing. We have also raised capital to provide equity funding for socially impactful growth businesses. We target four key areas: health, education, the environment and inequality.

Triple Point was a pioneer of Social Impact Investment Relief (‘SITR’) which led to the launch of our dedicated Impact EIS fund. This fund targets capital growth by investing in companies with a commercial proposition that makes a measurable positive impact to society.

To date our renewable energy credentials include over £150m of investments in solar, hydro and anaerobic digestion projects, and in 2018 Triple Point was chosen by the Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy to manage its £320m investment programme to promote energy efficient heat networks, making a significant contribution to decarbonising the gas grid and meeting 2050 net zero carbon targets.

Through our Social Housing Fund we invest in properties that house vulnerable adults. Last year we accommodated over 1,000 individuals in high quality housing, supporting them to live a fulfilling and independent life within their communities.

We estimate the cumulative positive social impact of our social housing portfolio has so far generated £124m of positive Impact, compared to previous suboptimal and hospital-based accommodation.