Two Bristol challenger brands team up to reduce commercial waste

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Two exciting Bristol businesses are teaming up to reduce commercial waste and help the planet.

Friska has been a Waste Source customer for three and a half years and in the last few months the healthy eating food chain has benefited from some innovative new approaches from the waste brokerage business.

To help the café reduce the amount of waste it produces and recycle more, Waste Source has introduced new systems and software that allows the chain to monitor the amount of waste it is producing.

The software allows management at Friska to gain in-depth analysis regarding the amount of waste they are producing and track how much they have recycled each month.

Waste Source’s new proactive approach to key account management in 2018 is seeing it actively challenge its customers to reduce their general waste and increase their recycling, to help reduce costs and promote sustainability.

It has already saved Friska 7 per cent on its bottom line.

Waste Source manage six of Friska’s sites, including its latest Manchester one, where they worked together closely to launch a new coffee recycling service.

Regarding Waste Source’s new proactive account management, Griff Holland – founder and MD at Friska, commented: “Waste Source are a true waste management partner who help us understand our waste requirements, manage waste costs and help us to be as environmentally responsible as we can be within the context of a take away focused hospitality business. Their approach to account management is proactive and innovative.”

Chris Holland, Managing Director at Waste Source, said: “We’ve built a strong working relationship with Friska and we’re delighted that this is accelerating with the latest developments.

“For us it’s always been about coming up with fresh and innovative ideas that can benefit our customers. Friska are now able to reduce their waste output and save money.”

The partnership comes off the back of calls to reduce the amount of waste produced in the UK.

But Griff says that there has been a lot of mis-information surrounding compostable packaging.

He commented: “Let’s get it on the record that we’re 100 per cent committed to doing all we can to benefit the environment. Yes, changing to compostable packaging reduces plastic but it’s like robbing Peter to pay Paul because it never ends up getting composted, but instead is incinerated.

“It’s a great idea but the infrastructure isn’t in place to support it- you need to start waste collections just for compostable materials as they don’t get included in mixed recycling.”

Waste Source was founded in 2010 by Chris Holland and Jon Free and has numerous clients in the hospitality sector, who are all making savings month on month thanks to its pro-active account management.

These include Turtle Bay, Brewhouse and Kitchen and Amber Taverns.

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