Two Bristol entrepreneurs join forces to launch new business

James Howell (left) & Tim Gear-Evans

James Howell (left) & Tim Gear-Evans

Two Bristol entrepreneurs have joined forces to launch netiro – a flexible new professional services platform that allows partners to be their own boss and manage their lifestyle.

netiro is the brainchild of solicitor James Howell, who is managing director of Bristol boutique law firm MS Rubric, and Tim Gear-Evans, who was commercial director of an executive search business for eight years.

James Howell comments:  “The idea blossomed during the first lockdown

“We could see the world changing, with people taking stock of what they are doing with their lives and thinking about what is important. We could see that office politics, glass ceilings, commuting and serving shareholders were starting to be less attractive.

“People realised they could work just as easily away from the office as in it. They were empowered to run their own lives around work, home schooling and other lockdown commitments – 9 to 5 was gone overnight.

“With netiro we have taken the best bits of the employed and self-employed models and removed the worst bits to provide a new hybrid that is fit for the new working environment.”

Tim Gear-Evans comments: “netiro is founded not only on delivering flexibility with excellent support, but also on having passionate partners who will go the extra mile because they are personally invested and it is essentially ‘their baby.’

“Our model means we can be nimble and able to react to what our clients want in a way that suits them and our partners. Each relationship is unique and bespoke. We are ideal for professionals who love the thought of being their own boss, but without the isolation, risks or headaches that small business owners have to endure.

“As with most things in life, timing is everything. As the pandemic continues to impact everyone, people are having to reassess how they work, either through choice or having it forced upon them.

“More people than ever are starting up their own businesses, and what netiro does is give them the platform and community to help them succeed.”

James Howell was among the first founders of a virtual law firm, a concept which is now found across the legal sector.