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Two veteran staff at Sixteenth set to take reigns at talent management agency

Danny Lowney - Chairman (L), Beth Heard - Head of Talent (C) and Fan Jozsa - COO, Sixteenth

Sixteenth, the talent management agency for Creators, has announced that two of its veteran employees have been promoted to take over the leadership of the company.

Fan Jozsa, who started at the company as Finance & Operations Manager, has been promoted to COO, responsible for running the back end of the company. Beth Heard, who was hired as a Talent Manager after years of partnering with Sixteenth as a client, has been promoted to Head of Talent and will be responsible for the front-facing parts of the business: talent management and client relations.

Danny Lowney, the company’s founder, has been working closely with Fan and Beth to set strategic direction and priorities for the company. Since the promotions took place in October 2022, the three of them have been working to hand over responsibilities in a way that is sustainable and fully understood by the whole team. Danny will now assume the role of Chairman, whilst the team executes on the vision that the leadership team has established.

“Fan and Beth have been with Sixteenth since the beginning and have been instrumental in our growth and success. They share our values and vision, and I am thrilled to be passing the reins to them. I’m excited to support them as Chairman and watch them take Sixteenth to new heights,” said Danny Lowney, Founder of Sixteenth.

“Having a roster of wholesome and educational Creators, who have a net-positive impact on their audience has been a hugely important part of Sixteenth’s growth over the last six years and continues to position us well in an industry that continues to seek more purposeful content,” says Head of Talent, Beth Heard.

As Sixteenth looks to the future, the company plans to design innovative ways to support Creators in being happier and seeing sustained success at different stages of their creator career. This includes offering hands-on business operations for bigger Creators who employ teams, to finding more scalable ways to support smaller Creators who aren’t yet ready to have a talent manager.

Lowney’s departure from the day-to-day of Sixteenth marks his transition to build a new startup in the creator economy, Spark Jam. Spark Jam will continue Danny’s career-long mission of supporting Creators to be more successful and happier in their work but at a much larger scale.