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Which type of business owner are you?

Rob Carter (right) with his team

Rob Carter (right) with his team

Business Coach Rob Carter looks at the different types of business owners there are. 

The Planner

You spend time analysing the market, setting out a business plan which includes a marketing plan and sets up a way of monitoring the progress in all areas of the business so that success is very likely.

The Winger

This should read – you wing it! You’ve become an expert at always being last minute – no preparation for anything in the short, mid or long term! You sometimes wonder how you get away with it.

The Whinger

It’s never your fault and you spend most of your time operating below the line with blame, excuses and denial being your watchwords…

The Operator

It’s all about doing the do. You really love what it is you do and gravitate towards doing the operational work rather than working on the business – so all good in the short term but you’re constantly worried about where future business is going to come from.

The Abdicator

You bring people into the business and think that because they are being paid a salary they should know what to do and how that fits in with your organisation.

You leave them to get on with it and wonder why you wouldn’t reemploy most of your staff if you shut down today and re-opened tomorrow.

The Inheritant

You’re normally a family business owner with the business being handed down from an earlier generation.

You don’t know why you are running the company and you’re frightened that you’re going to let the family down all the time.

The Fraud

You’ve no idea how you’ve got to be running a company – you’ve never been taught how to do it and are just waiting to be found out. You keep promising yourself that you will learn by going on courses but never quite get around to it.

The Ostrich

It’s tough economic times and you’ll just ride it out because it will all be ok in the end – just keep burying your head and hope for the best.

The Leader

You know that your destiny is only in your control and will do everything that is in your power to outperform the rest of the market.

The Procrastinator

As my Mum says, are you a Mr. or Miss. Tomorrow Person? Why do it now when you can keep waiting for tomorrow. You can’t fail because you don’t do anything…

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