UK and South Korea go underground for innovative new 5G partnership



Digital Minister Margot James has announced the winners of a £2.4m project with South Korea to explore new 5G experiences for tourists and commuters on public transport.

5G RailNext has been chosen to test how 5G can provide uninterrupted ‘infotainment’ services across the Seoul Metro system. The project will deliver Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) content – including travel information, video streaming and gaming – through wearable devices such as headsets.

A follow-up demonstrator in the UK will take place on the Glasgow Metro, with the 5G RailNext consortium outlining plans to explore future use on the London Underground and New York Metro.

5G RailNext is a private and public sector consortium led by Cisco and consisting of British SMEs Soluis and Ampletime as well as the University of Strathclyde and Glasgow City Council.

Digital Minister Margot James said: “5G is the future of connectivity and we want the UK to be a world leader. This collaboration with South Korea will explore innovative ways to use the technology to deliver content and services on transport networks in Seoul and Glasgow.

“I’m delighted that this will create new partnership and business opportunities for UK SMEs, academia and local government.”

The UK and South Korean Governments will give up to £1.2m grant funding each to support the scheme, which aims to demonstrate how new interactive experiences, including travel services, entertainment and advertising can be delivered through 5G.