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UK companies most concerned about climate change

The B2B software directory, Capterra UK, conducted a cross-country analysis which found that UK companies are more concerned about climate change than other surveyed countries: As many as 81% of UK respondents said they were extremely (36%) or somewhat (45%) concerned about the impact of climate change on their business.

After the UK, companies that showed the most concern were from France (28% “extremely” and 52% “somewhat” concerned), Australia (28%, 48%), and Italy (23%, 56%). By contrast, businesses in the Netherlands were the least concerned about the impacts of climate change, with only 44% being “somewhat” and 8% “extremely” concerned.

After France, UK companies lead the way in driving climate action

Concerns about climate change are making UK and French businesses act the fastest: As many as 64% of UK respondents said they are already implementing business changes to mitigate climate change, closely following France, which had the highest number (76%). In contrast, the Netherlands showed the highest number of respondents not interested in changing their strategies to address climate change.

Further strengthening their commitment to the environment, the UK also had the second-highest percentage of respondents (39%) applying ESG strategies after France (46%).

The government’s role in environmental initiatives is proven strongest in the UK

While businesses in the UK are clearly taking responsibility for the climate crisis, the pressure also comes from the government: Out of the different surveyed countries, the UK had the highest number of respondents (36%) who said the need to comply with government regulations was a motive for modifying their business practices.

That said, help is available. In fact, UK-based companies received more government support than the other surveyed companies that were modifying their business practices to minimise the impact of climate change. Currently, 39% of UK SMEs are receiving financial aid, which is slightly more than in France (37%).

Losing out was the Netherlands, with local firms receiving the least government support. Meanwhile, Italy had the highest number of respondents who had requested but were still waiting to receive government aid.

Despite government support, UK SMEs demand more financial help

Although the UK government’s efforts to help small and medium-sized firms stood out among the surveyed countries, dissatisfaction still remains: Around two-thirds (65%) of UK SMEs said they wanted more financial help from the government to meet net-zero goals- a notably higher proportion than in other surveyed countries.