UK female CEO launches NYC office after 950% growth

Rise at Seven, founded by Carrie Rose and Stephen Kenwright, launched in June 2019 and has already opened offices in Sheffield, London, and recently Manchester. They are now expanding to NYC to get access to a whole new talent pool of creatives and digital talent.

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With a roster of US-based clients including IG Group, PrettyLittleThing US, Next Vacay, and plenty more, they have already hit the ground running with an existing US team.

The move will be led by CEO and co-founder Carrie Rose in April, alongside a handful of Risers to help build their brand as they expand into the marketplace. They’ve already disrupted the agency landscape in the UK, and their next target is the USA.

On the news of opening a NYC office, Carrie Rose, CEO and co-founder said: “Our US presence is growing exponentially and I cannot wait to get out to the states to supercharge our growth. Recently, we formed the Rise at Seven Group, and building an office in the heart of the American advertisement world is exactly where Rise at Seven belongs. This Summer, I was in New York, and one morning I was pitching to a US brand. I sat on the subway on the way to a cafe to take the pitch, and the brand we were about to pitch to was right in front of me on the subway ads, and screaming out that this is the city for us.

“We’ve rapidly grown Rise at Seven US from our living rooms in the UK, and are ready to build a solid foundation and team in NYC. We’ve run US campaigns for American clients, expanded our clients to the states and run US brand-focused activations for brands like PrettyLittleThing. The expansion is fully underway, and we don’t even have an office yet. Imagine what we can do once we’re all moved in.”