UK government takes stake in Killing Kittens

The UK Government has taken a stake in sex party brand Killing Kittens, as a result of the Future Fund investment.

The loan of £170,000, which was given to Killing Kittens as part of the government’s Future Fund investment, was given to the business in 2020 to help it through the pandemic. Now, the loan has been converted into an equity stake in the company.

On the Business Leader Podcast, Emma Sayle described how the pandemic impacted Killing Kittens: “We were flat on our face for 18 months. So for 18 months, we didn’t have any parties. But because we were already building an online platform, we’d already started moving all our workshops and masterclasses online. We weren’t going to fill the gaping hole of revenue that was lost from our big events, but we were keeping the community together.”

Killing Kittens hosts adult parties internationally in cities such as New York and London, and was started in 2005 by Emma Sayle.

Sayle continued: “Killing Kittens is an adult social network. It’s probably the biggest sex-positive social network in the world. Now, it’s a tech business. What started as an events business 17 years ago, for women to explore their sexuality, not be judged, and have a safe space and community, has now evolved into a world where anyone can feel safe and not judged.”

The Future Fund programme, which is funded from tax revenue, provides debt financing to companies, particularly if they match the funding with funding from private investors.

When asked about the nature of funding for a business like Killing Kittens, Sayle responded: “I tick every box to not get funding: Killing Kittens is female-founded and we’re in the adult industry. I can see a lot of unconscious bias in finance and investors – they might not admit it but it’s in them.”