UK healthtech company bioniq acquires LOEWI

Vadim Fedotov (L) and Dr Konstantin Karuzin, bioniq Founders

bioniq, a company that offers a health support platform with personalized science and data-based solutions, has acquired LOEWI, a scientific spin-off of the TU München, which provides tailor-made nutrients based on your blood work and lifestyle.

LOEWI created an evidence-based personalization concept based on a proprietary database of more than 15,000 scientific studies and considering more than 9,000 interactions with diseases, medications, and allergies. At the moment, LOEWI has an impressive retention rate of 90% and experienced 5x customer growth in 2021.

“Joining our forces enables us to integrate LOEWI´s technology on a global scale, making a big step closer towards our shared mission while creating a global force in our industry”, said Adrian Kapsalis, Co-founder of LOEWI.

Renowned customers, such as players of the German National Football Team, athletes competing in the Tour de France, and the German Ski National Team use LOEWI to support their health and optimize their training and nutrition. The company also collaborates with leading research institutions, such as TU Munich, University of Turin and University of Zürich to gain new scientific findings in the field of personalized nutrition and health.

“Thanks to LOEWI’s patented personalization concept, bioniq’s mission to make health accessible and actionable can now be achieved on an even larger scale. We are impressed by the team’s achievements in building connections with leading research institutions and sport organizations”, said Vadim Fedotov, CEO and Co-founder of bioniq.

“This acquisition will help us improve our own personalized solutions and make them available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the Netherlands”.

bioniq is a research-based, clinically proven health support system. It was founded by the former German national team basketball player Vadim Fedotov and Doctor Konstantin Karuzin, a neurosurgeon with 14 years of clinical research experience, who has developed a system to improve the cognitive and physical functions of professional athletes in Switzerland.

Currently, bioniq operates in the UK, the UAE and Russia, offering its clients personalized solutions to optimize their health. bioniq has also become a strategic partner to the leading international medical institutions and worldwide partners, including King’s College Hospital London, Lanserhof, European Medical Center, UFC, WHOOP and Oura ring.