UK mobile operators to urge government for guidance on Huawei

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UK mobile operators have drafted a letter to government urging for clarity on the UK’s stance on Huawei.

A draft letter to Cabinet Secretary Mark Sedwill, first seen and reported by the BBC, requests an urgent meeting between government and industry. The letter may be sent as early as this week.

The mobile operators are concerned about the ongoing uncertainty around the use of Huawei’s technology. The UK government had previously declared that Huawei would be able to assist with building the UK’s 5G networks, but later was reported to backtrack during US President Donald Trump’s state visit last week.

Industry leaders are putting off investment and major decisions while uncertainty persists, and as a result will warn that the UK’s position as a world leader in mobile connectivity is at risk.

Huawei is the global leader in 5G technology, but has faced international backlash from the US and other Western nations over security concerns.

Last month, the US banned the use of Huawei’s technology, with Huawei losing access to Google’s Android as a result. China warned its citizens against travel to the ‘dangerous’ US in retaliation.

The US has also suggested it would limit intelligence sharing with any nation which uses Huawei technology in its infrastructure, though Donald Trump seemed to backtrack on this threat during the state visit.

EE has delayed its launch of Huawei 5G phones, and Vodafone has suspended orders of the handsets. ARM has also suspended ties with Huawei contacts.

Huawei has denied accusations of spying, claiming instead that the US is waging political war in order to stop Huawei from establishing itself as the industry world leader.

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