UK signs post-Brexit free trade agreement with South Korea

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Today, the UK and South Korea have, in principle, signed a post-Brexit free trade agreement that will seek to maintain the current trade arrangements between the two countries.

South Korean’s International Trade Secretary and his British counterpart Dr Liam Fox signed the deal in the country’s capital, Seoul.

The deal represents the first post-Brexit trade deal with an Asian nation.

The trade deal would cover South Korean exports including products from its large cars and auto parts sector. Britain mostly exports cars and crude oil to South Korea.

Today’s agreement will likely be ratified in November.

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  1. To have a trade continuity agreement merely states that the status quo will continue. To state that ‘Today’s agreement will likely be ratified in November illustrates the futility of this press release. It is a completely worthless statement. We expect from our politicians that they will protect our country. Those who gamble with the future of their countries have inevitably been exposed as charlatans, discredited for their poor judgement, and ultimately ejected from public office. It is so reassuring that the Pacific Islands, the Palestinian authority, Iceland will continue to trade with the UK in future! Thankfully the US, Norway, Switzerland and South Korea have agreed – nothing – just to continue trading with us. Where are the new deals which are going to improve the quality of lives for those who live and work in the UK?

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