UK workers put wellbeing over pay

Employee wellbeing

Employee wellbeing has been a top agenda point for HR for some years but the results of the recent research by employee engagement specialists, Reward Gateway, shows that employees still aren’t getting what they need from their current wellbeing programmes.

This is demonstrated by the disparity of opinion between employee and employer. 51% of employers agree that their company shows they care about employees mental, physical and financial wellbeing, while only 14% of employees say that their company couldn’t do more to show they care about their mental, physical and financial wellbeing.

Employers are correct in caring as more than half (52%) of UK employees agree that they would choose a company that cared about their wellbeing over one that pays more.

These findings, which demonstrate the demand for wellbeing initiatives in the workplace, place an even higher urgency on closing the gap when you consider that:

33% of respondents said that their company currently offers no wellbeing programme

29% of respondents said that their company currently offers a physical wellbeing programme

23% of respondents said that their company currently offers a financial wellbeing programme

22% of respondents said that their company currently offers a mental wellbeing programme

The initiatives in place could also be sitting idle due to communication issues as another discord can be found in the fact that 48% of employers think their company communicates the wellbeing solution they have well, but 29% of employees don’t know what wellbeing programmes their company currently offers.

Lucy Tallick, Head of Wellbeing at Reward Gateway said: “Employee wellbeing is not about crisis management and fixing problems. It’s about helping your people live better and feel better by facilitating sustainable lifestyle changes that really make a difference.

“Employers should take into consideration that everyone has unique desires and needs, and, in order to gain buy in, it’s much better to give the employee solutions that provide choice and flexibility. By creating an inclusive programme, you’ll also hugely increase your engagement.”