UKFast Books in for Long Stay with


UKFast has today announced a five-year partnership with to support the development of the online booking site’s technology infrastructure.

The deal sees the online accommodation site migrate its web hosting arrangements from a colocation solution with ATOS in favour of a bespoke-built, cloud-based solution, developed in partnership with UKFast.

The recently launched cloud solution now regularly processes 6.4 million events an hour. currently serves 100 million page requests a month.

Head of IO at, Stuart Taylor, said: “The new platform gives us improved stability, higher availability and the ability to scale up while remaining cost effective. In short we can do a lot more, with less.

“Throughout the migration process there have been learnings on both sides. UKFast has been thoughtful and responsive to the challenges we faced during a migration that was constrained within tight timescales. Together we have created an amazing platform that is a true business enabler.”

A four month migration process saw project teams from both sides working to move across to their new solution with zero downtime.

The new cloud infrastructure includes an overhaul of’s dev environment, with custom-built APIs and the ability to spin up new VMs at the click of a button.

The solution delivers an extremely flexible and easy-to-use system, responding to the booking site’s need for continuous development and ongoing deployment and integration of new features.